The fun activities in Dahab are so diverse.
Are you into adventure or just wanna lay back?

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Put on a snorkeling mask and jump in the water at Lighthouse or Eel Garden – the reefs are amazing! No need to take a boat or swim far out.

Kite & Wind Surfing
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Does it look like fun? Take some lessons. Dahab is one of the best places in the world to learn kite and wind surfing.

Visit the Blue Hole
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Missing some Italian flavor? Eldorado has got you covered! Indulge in their famous pizza and feel like you’re in Rome – but next to the sea. Location: Eel Garden Area, by the sea.

Quad Tour in the Desert
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Tired of the water? Go on a quad tour into the desert.

Private Boat – It’s Cheap!
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Get a private boat and spend the day on the water, fishing, tanning and of course swimming.

PADI Course
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Hooked? Then do your PADI Open Water in Dahab. You won’t find it cheaper or more beautiful anywhere else in the world!

Rent a Bike
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It's one of the very first restaurants that opened in Dahab, and it's still amazing every time you visit. Location: Downtown — next to the bridge.