Terms & Conditions


·        In case the festival is rescheduled to 2021 due to reason out of the organizers’ control, the purchased passes can be used for Chill O’posite Festival 2021 edition.

·         In case you opt to refund your ticket, kindly email us at contact@chillopositefestival.com with your refund request.

Refunds shall be 100% Full refund amount on accommodation and 80% Refund on Full, Regular and 1 Day Festival Passes.

·        Ticket holder must be 21+ years old

·        The ticket fee is non-refundable, non-transferable

·        Ticket holder must present original valid ID/ passport to claim festival bracelet and entry.

·        Chill O'posite is not responsible if any of the guests were late or did not commit to the timing of the schedule of the festival; NO REFUND.

·        Programming is subject to change without notice

·        Performers and lineup are subject to change without notice

·        DO NOT tamper, stretch, cut or alter your wristband in any way. Altered wristbands will be invalid and the bearer will be subject to eviction from the festival grounds.

·        Wristbands cannot be shared (i.e. different people use them on different days)

·        We respect the law at Dahab. All local, state and federal laws are to be obeyed.

·        Anyone found to be in violation of any law or regulation may be subject to prosecution and will be evicted from the event without refund of your ticket.

·        Chill O’posite is not responsible for the loss of any valuables or any injuries or accidents that may arise during the event.

·        Ticket holder shall not act in any manner which conflicts with local laws, ordinances, orders, requirements, rules or regulations.

·        Privacy Policy

Data of purchaser collected like phone number. Emails, address might be used for sending emails, promotions, sending notifications and calls if needed.

For purchasers outside Egypt, data might be shared with local authorities and/or our official travel agent representative in Egypt.

·        Delivery Policy & Method :

After the payment transaction is successfully done, you will receive your E-ticket through email.

E-ticket should be presented at the registration office during the event, along a valid ID/passport to claim your wristband.