The fun activities in Dahab are so diverse.
Are you into adventure or just wanna lay back?


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Put on a snorkeling mask and jump in the water at Lighthouse or Eel Garden – the reefs are amazing! No need to take a boat or swim far out.

Kite & Wind Surfing
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Does it look like fun? Take some lessons. Dahab is one of the best places in the world to learn kite and wind surfing.

Visit the Blue Hole
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See the Blue Hole with your own eyes. You can’t miss this 94-mile deep submarine sinkhole.

Quad Tour in the Desert
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Tired of the water? Go on a quad tour into the desert.

Private Boat – It’s Cheap!
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Get a private boat and spend the day on the water, fishing, tanning and of course swimming.

PADI Course
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Hooked? Then do your PADI Open Water in Dahab. You won’t find it cheaper or more beautiful anywhere else in the world!

Rent a Bike
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Rent a bike and go tour the city — it's awesome and eco-friendly!

Absolutely Nothing
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Yes, that’s right! One of the best things you can do in Dahab is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It’s the perfect place to forget about work, home, stress and problems.

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You can see thousands of stars from anywhere in Dahab, but if you go into the mountains, away from the city lights, you will be hypnotized by the beautiful starry sky.

Talk to Locals
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Everyone in Dahab is incredibly welcoming and nice. It’s worth getting to know them and their stories. Many of them struggle with problems we never thought about, yet they are always smiling.

Sunset / Sunrise at Laguna
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Bring a bottle of wine and watch the sunset or sunrise at the Laguna.

Pet a stray animal
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Dahab wouldn’t be the same without its cats and dogs. They’re friendly and won’t hurt you. Quite the opposite, they love to cuddle!

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Give your body a rest from all the sports and get a relaxing massage.

View of Dahab
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Enjoy the view on Dahab from above, just climb any of the surrounding mountains.