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Part of what makes the whole Dahab experience magical is the restaurants they have. Not only are most of them, if not all of them, cheap but they’re also very, very delicious.

Everyday Cafe
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Serving burgers, pizzas and light sandwiches in addition to the greatest cheesecake ever.
Everyday Cafe has the best laid-back experience with bands and musicians playing every night. Location: Near Downtown Totta.

Ralph's German Bakery
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For an amazing morning breakfast, coffee and sweets — not to mention their giant pretzel.
Location: Behind Planet Oasis Hotel.

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Missing some Italian flavor? Eldorado has got you covered! Indulge in their famous pizza and feel like you’re in Rome – but next to the sea. Location: Eel Garden Area, by the sea.

AlKhan Cafe
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An amazing authentic design with a sip of Arabic coffee will create the best morning atmosphere. Location: Mashraba Area.

Wast el Balad
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It's not only that they're selling alcohol, they even have sea-front swings. We know you want to take a photo sitting on one of them with a beer in-hand. Location: Opposite to Downtown Totta.

Ali Baba
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Other than the quality food, you'll be amazed at how helpful the staff is. Location: 3 minutes south from Planet Oasis.

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It's one of the very first restaurants that opened in Dahab, and it's still amazing every time you visit. Location: Downtown — next to the bridge.

Arous El Bahar
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If you're looking for quality seafood disregarding the sea view, this is the spot you need to go to! Location: Masbat area, close to Yasmina Hotel.

Same Same But Different
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Have a delicious traditional Tajine in a clay pot at the Same Same But Different restaurant. Location: Masbat Area, by the sea.

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Look out for this food cart and take some Koshary to enjoy on the beach. Location: This cart is one of Dahab’s most elusive features, it’s always on the move — you don’t find it, it finds you, usually on the promenade by the sea.

Yum Yum Falafel
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Get a falafel sandwich at Yum Yum Falafel. Location: Mashraba Area